Dear Son,

I hope this finds you well. I honestly don’t know the time that you are reading this but I trust the timing and I am happy that you are reading it.
Growing up a man can be difficult but I want you to know that I am here for you and I will always be. As you come of age you will hear a lot of stereotypes, myths and twisted narrations but all I can tell you is that, filter what you take in and its always okay to ask for clarification and HELP. They will tell you that a man being emotional is weak but am here to overrule that and tell you its okay to be vulnerable regardless.
Society will tell you its wrong to speak out when it hurts just because you are a man but as your mother  I am telling you, depression and  bottling up are never the options. Its a lot that you will hear and experience in regard to your gender but all I have for you is that, you always have a CHOICE. 
Defining masculinity is okay but Son, never raise your hand on a woman. If it gets to the ugly point just walk away, protect your guard and always keep your head high. Love comes and goes but if you find the right one, never shy from showing them what true love and affection is. Always remember, you may have them all, you may want to impress them all but all that matters is the one that you are breaking bread with at the end of the day.
There comes a time when your peers will make it happen, make it rain and what not but Son, don’t be rushed to make decisions. Don’t be manipulated to cutting dirty deals. Its better to come home alive than die in pain, regret and agony. I am not going to give you a map about your life but I want you to have it as you see it. Experience the raw moments of life and make a choice on what works for you. I am wordy but I will cut myself short for now.
You being my Son is a something I am proud of but I promise to raise you in tender and tough love at the same time. I look forward to raising an all round man. A man who is not limited to any dimensions.

Warm Regards,


Author: makanaPerpetua

Its life we learn, we fail and we will never be the same again..a dynamic process.

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