Comprise Much?

Ever wondered why the happiest people are the saddest? I suppose you have the answer but I guess mine takes a hurl before we get to the main point.  In major occassions we have let our friends down or even ourselves by trying so hard. To fit in, to act like everything is okay and to even making compromises at a time when we were not supposed to or even able to. Where does all this take us to?
To answer the above, it takes us to messed up situations and ugly states of mental health.  I mean if you cannot do it or say No to whatever pressure that you are in why not address it as its. The fear to work things out, please our peers, family or even the society has sent people going berserk and even others ending their lives because they cannot bear the cost of pain, failure, anger and self sabotage and  better still, their options to get better are compromised.
Days go  by and all one craves for is to be okay but the shot is long for them to actually get the work done.
We have had friends or even family that submerged our efforts to rise in murky waters. All that comes off it is your wet self with no clear vision. Do you cease from helping them even after you rise again, NO. Do you ever stand still and question yourself? Well, to your defense, you had no time because the focus was to do good and ensure you are sorted. All you tell yourself is as long as you are happy and able to try its okay but is it really the case? Laying your head on that pillow just gets you in tears. You can’t remember the last time you had a good sleep. Amidst a few shots, you cannot recall how you got home or how your credit card is empty but did you stop? Stuck at NO because we are not quitters and we’ve come a long way.
Waking up to fake a smile all day long is a hard task or am being unreasonable?  Failing to make us happy has led many of us to early graves, sooner than we know. If the boat is not sailing home, there is an option of swimming back to the shore.  Life is too short to compromise abusive friendships, lovers or even family. When your days are done they will show up or not show up at all but you will not be able to recognize any of that.
Love you, love your life, love what you do but don’t compromise. If the shoe is too tight get options no matter the brand. We are here for a short but a good time!

Go be great 😊!

Happy Holidays🍃🥳.


Author: makanaPerpetua

Its life we learn, we fail and we will never be the same again..a dynamic process.

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